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The image shows a wiring harness or cable loom. In this instance the harness will be fitted to a sophisticated gas-fired boiler, and link the control panel to the PCB and various sensors.
Cable Harnesses

Top OEMs trust Cranfield Electrical's track-record when it comes to producing their electrical wiring harnesses and cable looms.

We have been making wiring harnesses for close to 50 years. Why not see how you can benefit from our experience?

Mains Cord Sets

The vital link from the mains outlet to your appliance. Our mains cord sets can include moulded or rewireable plugs and cable in a range of materials and conductor sizes to suit your individual needs.

The image shows a PTFE insulated ignition lead complete with heat-resistant insulation at the burner end
Gas ignition leads

We manufacture and supply bespoke gas ignition leads for gas fires and cooking appliances. These high temperature, high voltage leads can be jacketed with PTFE or silicone.

A simple mains-voltage printed circuit board (PCB) allowing connection to timer controls
Printed circuit boards (PCBs)

CEL also specialise in making PCBs for electrical applications.

Most assemblies are now lead-free, but all are produced with care and attention.

Neon Lamp Assemblies

Our Neon Lamp Assemblies are custom made to your requirements. You select bulb type and size, operating voltage, insulation specification, termination type, joint methods, as well as form and dimensions, and we'll create the perfect match.

LED light strips for a range of applications including decorative lighting, point-of-sale illumination and general illumination. Our eye-catching LED products are consistently bright and of the best quality. Choose them for your LED lighting application.
LED Lighting Strips

We offer excellent LED lighting strips. These can be in high-brightness whites or fixed colours.. We can even offer colour-changing types.

Close-up of 5mm green LED. Cranfield Electrical can produce LED assemblies in a wide variety of styles and for applications including lighting, signal indication or for special effects lighting. Please ask for details
LED Assemblies

Choose Cranfield Electrical for your next LED indicator, lighting, or point-of-sale project.

We offer a wide range of standard items or a fully customised solution with the emphasis on quality and value for money.

A variety of solid (single strad) and multi-stranded high-current link cables. We also manufacture braided earth cables too!
High Current Links

We manufacture custom-made high-current links - for applications such as mains consumer units. These may be made from solid or straded copper, with or without a variety of insulation materials.

Cranfield Electrical make up thousands of electro-mechanical assemblies annually for its customers. They save time, effort and money by purchasing complete modules.
Sub Contract Assembly

Domestic appliance manufacturers trust Cranfield Electrical to produce customised high quality assemblies, saving time and money. Call us for a quotation or to see what we can do for you.

The ribbon cable material is a UL grade of PVC. This provides a very cost-effective method of connecting PCBs together.
Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables provide a cost-effective method of connecting PCBs to other PCBs - for example control boards to PCBs on motors or sensor units.

Custom-moulded assemblies offer a great solution to making wiring harneeses more rugged.
Over-Moulded Wiring Assemblies

We can now offer customised over-moulded wiring assemblies.

These are ideal for applications where leads need to be made water or dust-resistant.

A DC jack plug lead with 2.1mm jack socket and plug
DC Leads

DC leads are used to connect LED lighting arrays, electronic control units, etc. to low-voltage power supplies - generally transformers or battery packs.

Coil Assemblies