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Cranfield Electrical Ltd has been supplying electrical wiring harnesses, cable looms and lead-sets featuring Molex terminals and connector blocks for many years.

We can also supply connectors or terminals to suit your requirements.

Molex 200KK 3001 Series 0.2" Wafer Connectors

Molex 3001 Series
Molex 200KK
Molex 0.2" Wafer Connectors
Molex 5.08mm pitch terminal housings
Molex PCB connectors - 0.2"/5.08mm pitch

An overview of Molex KK series terminal housings

Mole-Mini-Fit-Junior-Terminal-Blocks are a versatile, high-density connector series for signal and power supply requirements
Molex Mini-Fit-Junior Connectors, Terminals and Terminal Blocks

Molex Minifit Junior
Molex-5559 series connectors

More Information

Molex Mini-Fit Junior

Introduction to Cranfield Electrical's Electrical Wiring Harnessing Capabilities